Puzzle Unsolved

16 03 2009

After breathing for 22 years 8 months 2 weeks 5 days 9 hours 17 minutes and counting, I realized, after reading some other blogs, that life is too short. Life is too short to fight, to hold grudge, to keep arrogance, self-appraisal and to be lazy. At the same time it seems that life is way to long to hold happiness and enjoy it.

I am saying based on my observation – what I see in my life and what I could peek into other (not that I like – I being dishonest here). Again see the use of the word “I” – everything has to start and end with this capitalized phallic symbolized letter. I must say that I have not gone through much of the difficult times as that of my contemporaries. I will not compare with the last generation because they belong to other times and had different set of resources and limitations. I never believed that I went through too much of troubles to achieve what I goaled for. Yes at times it was like I am walking on the fire lines because I was so obsessive about that specific goal. The harshness and the spirit to achieve it- were simultaneous. The fight was fierce but I was fragile for I was still dependent.

Dependency without self-respect, like bondage, welcomes any piece of gratitude or concern thrown at you. I would have been more than happy to concede the fact that I was supported but the project failed or could not be resumed for it fatal nature. However everything sorted later and the goal was achieved and the project indeed got nailed. What did I learnt out of all these mess – the emotional drama, financial catastrophes, political upheaval, and social turnover. Here I would like to philosophized that-

Only under the extreme conditions the creativity could be born.

Without the sun’s killing heat there is no enjoyment of the air-conditioning.

The flower fragrance wouldn’t smell intoxicating if there were no thorns.

Unless you don’t jump you don’t know what gravity is.

Unless you don’t go up to the top floor you don’t know what its like to be a tall building.

Without grief there is no fun in happiness.

Without obstacles there is no fun in achieving

Without opposition there is no fun in winning

………………………………….BUT I AM LAZY……………………………………….

Do I care what anyone says or writes or have their own experiences?

Well then I would say to these people that you are the luckiest mammal (human lay eggs in other’s basket) on the planet. Why? Because these are the rotten lot of losers. Not because they failed after one or numerous trials rather I hate their comfort of no competition life. Looking at these “luckies” I feel so damn jealous of their comfort life. Either they are filthy rich or they don’t have “zing” to compete just like a leech that feeds on sucking someone’s. Why aren’t they thrown into the fires of REAL life? Why should US be the only one roasting! Life is too long to be happy and too short to hold grudge.