Life as it is

9 12 2011

Life as it is

Just keep going, keep flowing

Hitting pebbles here and there

Touching the bank up and below


Flying down, deep like a gorge

Hitting hard

Rising again with pride. Shamelessly.


Tearing away with all gusto

Bending its might, turning away

Coming again with all force – knowingly – failing

Beating again and again


Genteel, calm, swift, shimmering with sparkles

Open wide to lay bare

Giving away with quiet tears

Taking all that come, return only

Slowly touching the base, leaving as it comes



In fumes, evaporated in namelessness

Ethereally blending into one – into all – into none.

Rubbed off forever. Look again, look behind!



2 responses

9 12 2011

just live, simple life.

10 12 2011
NItin Jalan

Thanks for liking the post. Feel free to read other posts. You will be welcomed with simple words, deep meanings and amusing paradoxes. Thank you again.

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